Learn-by-doing anywhere.

Bring a BetaBox Mobile Prototyping Lab to your school.

Hands-on learning should be accessible to everyone.

Give your students the tools to grow and develop the real world skills they need to succeed. Our mobile labs offer the most efficient, hands-on approach to learning.

BetaBox Mobile Prototyping Labs

A self-contained creativity pod perfect for classes, events, conferences, and community outreach. BetaBox Prototyping Labs are available for high-value extended lease or short term rental.

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Boost Student Satisfaction

BetaBox gives students of all majors everything they need to bring their ideas to life – whether it’s a complex engineering prototype, an artistic rendering, or hardware hack.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Get the latest prototyping technology, including 3D Printers, lasercutters, and other tools without the trouble of resupply and maintenance.

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Flexible Utility

Use BetaBox to increase the capacity of your campus facilities, enhance a hackathon event, integrate with blended learning classes, or as a low cost makerspace alternative.

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“The second you walk inside you find the exact same kind of innovative group, the same kind of lab that you’d see in the best engineering department here at Duke.”

- Addison Winston, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University

“I was blown away. It’s been an indispensable resource to have. To have that ability that’s mobile, it’s just phenomenal.”

-Thomas Nudell, PhD Candidate, NC State University

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